How To Make Your Own Website

Building your own website


This Beginners Guide to Web Design & Basic SEO is aimed at people who require a website, but are not sure how to go about it.  Whether you wish to instruct a professional web designer and get the most out of them for your money or you want to make your own website. This free tutorial is utilising WordPress because it is Powerful, Flexible and the software is Free to use.



I will be honest with you, having a website built involves a lot more work that you realise. Whether you are building your own website or having a professional web designer build it for you, the hardest work is writing the content and only you can do that, only you know what your business is about.


This tutorial aims to show you what you really need to know to create a website that is Search Engine Friendly and in non technical terms.  If you need A DIY Website I’ll show you how to build your own WordPress site cost effectively.  I have used free services where possible including free photos and free photo editing software.  I utilised Wordpress and Hostgator to show cheap does not have to be poor quality.


Search engine optimization is major factor in site design and one that is often over looked. The fact is, if the Search Engines don’t like your site few people will ever visit it!   You will have wasted your time and money.  All the search engines have rules that you need to follow, Google is the strictest and so you should aim to please them.  As an example, through out the tutorial I will refer to a fictitious Wrexham based company called Acme Plumbing.


In the process of showing you how to build your website I will describe in layman’s terms what the following mean:



If you do not know how all of these can benefit your business then I highly recommend that you read on.  After you have read the entire tutorial you should realise why I have listed the above content and how it can benefit your website with the Search Engines.  If you don’t then please read the whole tutorial again