Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Q: Why do I need a Website and why do I need to perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the site looks ok to me.

A: That can’t be answered in one line, but this is what I tell my clients

  • A website is part of your marketing campaign
  • That campaign is designed to acquire new clients
  • New clients will normally find your website via a search engine
  • That means you have to design your website to please the search engines first and your clients second
  • Google is the biggest search engine
  • Google is a machine and has no knowledge or intuition, it’s a computer program
  • At its most basic function, Google matches the search words that people enter into a search box to the text on your site.
  • These are called Key Phrases or Key Words
  • If your website does not contain the Key Phrases that people are looking for, how will Google know to take them to you?
  • All pages Need 3-4 paragraphs of text explaining what the page/service is about, they must contain the Key Phrases that people might use looking for that Service.
  • Google cannot see the content of a picture, it knows it’s a picture, it will not know what it is about.  It needs Text.

Q: I run my own business, should I make my own website?

A: Normally I don’t recommend it, your time is more valuable running your business.  If you are IT Literate and enjoy a challenge in your own time then, then yeah why not give it ago.

Q: Why do you talk so much about Google?

A: Google performs over 60% of UK Internet searches and it is the most stringent search engine to please.  If you make your website Google friendly it will most certainly fall into line with the other search engines.

Q: What is Search Engine Optimization?

A: Search Engine Optimisation is the process of preparing your website to achieve a higher search engine ranking in order to drive traffic to your site.

Q: What is pageRank?

A: PageRank is the general algorithm that Google uses to ranks a site on the number of websites linking to it (back links), It is one way that Google measure how popular your are.

Q:  Why is PageRank important?

A:  PageRank is very important but it is only part of the picture.  You need to concerntrate on good SEO, Great content and PageRank.

Q: What PageRank Score am I after?

A: The higher the better! 

0-2: New and newish websites that are just starting out in the industry.

3-6: Websites that are 12+ months old and  have a large quantity of back links.

7-10: A website that is considered an industry leader of that niche or market, it is very difficult to get to this level.

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