How to check how Search Engine Friendly your website is

Using SEO Centro to check your Websites Search Engine Optimisation

Keep Your Finger on the SEO Button!!

Seo Centro have a free service that allows you to do just that.  Enter your website’s address and fill in the Captcha box on their page, that’s the annoying box where you have to decipher the letters and numbers in a fuzzy picture, this proves you are a human being and not another computer that is trying to use the service.  BTW these services are normally free because the owners hope you will click on some of the adverts shown in the website to generate revenue.  Yes, I have adverts on this tutorial site as well!

You will be presented with a report on how the Search Engines look at your web page, Did you notice I said web page and not whole site?  You have to process every page through SEO Centro’s analyser. The search engines look at every page and will rank them accordingly as well.


Meta TAG Analysis report

We talked about these Meta Tags in the Search Engine Optimisation page, in the picture below you can see the relevance test results. You are aiming for 80% or above.  There should also be a report on Keywords, sadly the Google Sites template service does not allow these to be entered, Google ignores the Meta Keyword Tags and thus does not deem it necessary to include them in their template service.  You should use these because Google is not the only search engine out there, you have to cater for Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc.

Meta Tag report from Seocentro indicating your websites SEO Performance

Meta Tag and Page relevancy check from SEO Centro

Result Page Example

This shows you how the Search Engines will probably display your information on a Search Results Page.  Please bear in mind Google will truncate your description after approximately 160 characters.

Example of how your webpage will show up in the Google Results page


Anchor Tags report

These were also covered in the Search Engine Optimisation page,  the text in your links are very important.

Anchor Tag or Link Names being analyzed by Seocentro for keywords density

Alternative Tag or Picture Description Tags

Alt Tags are very important and as we discussed in a the Photos and Graphics page, they are a  UK legal requirement.

Pictures need alternative text based descriptions, It's Law in the UK - DDA ACT

Keyword Density Report

This lets you know which words in your textual content are considered important by the Search Engines.  If your main keywords are not there then you have a problem and need to rewrite your content.

Keyword density analysis of your webpage, see which words on your page Google will think are important

This analysis is important and can give you a real insight in to how your website ‘s SEO & Meta data will perform, changes to your website can be tested as soon as you have pressed ‘Save’.

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