The Importance of Google Maps for your Business Website

How to drive people to your website with Google MapsIf you search for a business type and enter the town name (i.e. ‘Wrexham Plumber’) you will be given a map at the top of the search engine page and a list of known local companies. You need to check to see if you are on there, if you are not, why not!

Example of Google maps and how your business website should show up

Each search engine is different.  On Google you need to sign up for a free Google account and then use the Local Business Centre to enter your details. Microsoft ( call it Local Listing Centre and Yahoo call it Yahoo Local Listing.

Fill out the forms and give as much information as possible and choose as many categories as you can. Make sure the company name that you enter states what the business does, even if it an adaptation of your real name.

Which is more informative?

Acme Plumbing


Acme Plumbing and Heating (Wrexham)

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