Using Google Adwords to Drive Clients to your Business Website

Google Adwords - How to use them to drive traffic to your website

A full Adwords advertising tutorial is beyond the scope of this website, the complexity of Adwords would be a whole website on it’s own. But I will give you an overview and hopefully enough information to understand how to get started.

Google Adwords are the ‘Sponsored Links’ on the Google results page, you can see them at the top and to the right of the natural listings on the results page (please note that because I mentioned ‘Wrexham’, Google Maps is also being shown.  I discuss this further in the Google Maps section).  Google Adwords and the comparative services from Yahoo, Bing and Facebook are an excellent and effecient marketing tool.  
 Google Adwords - How to use them to drive traffic to your website

Firstly they do not have a fixed price and you only pay when someone clicks on your advert.  Google organises the adverts via keywords, you have to tell them which search words you require your advert to be displayed on.  For our fictitious plumber, he would use something like:

Plumber Wrexham

If some one searched for ‘Plumber Wrexham’ our plumber’s advert would appear.  If someone clicked on it, then they would be taken to the plumber’s website and his Adwords account would be billed the agreed amount for the click through.

When entering your words you must state that you want the exact phrase, normally done by entering the phrase in quote marks.  Otherwise our plumber’s advert would be displayed every time someone searched for ‘plumber’.  He only wants Wrexham based clients and does not want people in Scotland clicking on his advert costing him money.  Be very careful how you phrase your keywords, use very narrowly defined campaigns for different parts of your business, you can setup as many campaigns as you require.  This will drive useful leads to your website and not erroneous clicks that cost you money via broad terms.

The keywords are auctioned off to the highest bidder, the winner gets the top placement on the Google Search Results page.  You enter your advert details and keywords that you want it shown for, and then Google asks you how much you are willing to Pay Per Click (PPC).  Start off low and it will tell you roughly what placement you will get, i.e. ‘between 5 and 9’ or ‘between 1 and 3’, etc.  Now you need to set your daily allowance, make sure you set this really low for the first couple of weeks.  You are still learning how the system works and it this can work out to be an expensive time.  I would honestly not recommend anything more than £2 a day to start with, this will give you enough clicks per day to play with and cost a maximum of £14 per week.

The Adwords control Panel is very informative, it will tell you how much each campaign has cost you and even how each keyword phrase in that campaign has performed.  Watch these carefully, if you are getting ‘Click Throughs’ but no sales then something is wrong.  It’s either:

  • Your adverts are attracting the wrong clients, maybe your keywords are too general or broad.
  • The visitor doesn’t like your website
  • You didn’t make a special landing page for that campaign. DO NOT have the advert sending people to the first page on your website.  Send them to the relevant page on your site. If you don’t have a specific page, make one!

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