Writing the content for your website

HTTP:/ depicting a webpage and how to write SEO friendly content for each webpage

When writing the content for your website, the first thing to do is think….

‘What will people type into Google looking for a service or product like mine?’

Now jot down as many little key phrases as you can.  If I was building the website for our fictitious ‘ACME Plumbing Company’ I would use:

How to write the content when you are building your own website


You get the idea, these are important keywords and phrases that you need to incorporate into your DIY website or hand over to your website designer.  Google at its very simplest matches the words people type into the search box and the words on your site.

The next part is to forget you want to make a website.  Pretend you are making a full colour paper brochure, use as many pages as you need.  Write it all out, incorporate all the keywords you wrote down before as many times as possible and each page should contain at least three paragraphs of text, you have to let Google know what you do!

You will notice that your paper brochure will fall into categories, each category will be a separate page when building your website.   Our fictitious plumbing site could look like this:

How to write the content when you are creating your own website

These will be the Page Names and the Button Titles in the menu.  Did you notice how I tried to squeeze in a few keywords?  Google looks at the Page Titles and Button Text to glean even more information about your services from your site.

You can download the Free Template for writing the Meta Data and Content for your website here  – Print one for every page on your website.

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